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Gaelic: The language of the Gaels, esp. of the Highlanders of Scotland. It is a branch of the Celtic.
Gaelic football
Gaelic football: Type of football played with 15 players on each team having a net attached to the goal where the object of the game is to kick or punch or dribble the b
Gaff: To strike with a gaff or barbed spear to secure by means of a gaff as, to gaff a salmon.
Gaff-topsail: A small triangular sail having its foot extended upon the gaff and its luff upon the topmast.
Gaffe: Mistake slip of the tongue blunder
Gaffer: An old fellow an aged rustic. Go to each gaffer and each goody. Fawkes. Note: Gaffer was originally a respectful title, now degenerated into a term of familiarity
Gaffle: An artificial spur or gaff for gamecocks. A lever to bend crossbows.
Gag: Sometimes thrust into the mouth or throat to hinder speaking. A mouthful that makes one retch a choking bit as, a gag of mutton fat. Lamb. A speech or phrase interpo
Gag a person
Gag a person: Place something in or over the mouth of a person in order to prevent speech or other sounds
Gag law
Gag law: A law or ruling prohibiting proper or free debate, as in closure. [Colloq. or Cant]
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