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Hacqueton: Same as Acton. [Obs.]
Had: See Have. Had as lief, Had rather, Had better, Had as soon, etc., with a nominative and followed by the infinitive without to, are well established idiomatic forms.
Had a bad experience
Had a bad experience: Experienced something which left unpleasant memories
Had a bad reputation
Had a bad reputation: Thought of as a bad person, considered to be a dangerous person
Had a chat
Had a chat: Conversed briefly with, spoke together for a short period of time
Had a cold
Had a cold: Came down with a cold, suffered from a cold (viral infection of the respiratory tract)
Had a difficult birth
Had a difficult birth: Had a laborious delivery, had a problematic delivery
Had a face as long as a fiddle
Had a face as long as a fiddle: Had a long face, looked very sorrowful
Had a feast
Had a feast: Had a banquet, celebrated, feasted, dined, ate well
Had a fever
Had a fever: Came down with a fever, suffered from a fever (abnormally increased body temperature)
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