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Had a great success
Had a great success: Succeeded greatly, was extremely successful
Had a headache
Had a headache: Came down with a headache, suffered from a headache (sharp pain in the head)
Had a heart attack
Had a heart attack: Suffered from a heart attack (sudden coronary failure)
Had a lucky day
Had a lucky day: Had a day full of fortune, had a favorable day
Had a miscarriage
Had a miscarriage: Miscarried, delivered a child prematurely (before it had developed enough to live)
Had a narrow escape
Had a narrow escape: Barely got away, escaped by the skin of his teeth
Had a personal experience with
Had a personal experience with: Had an individual encounter with
Had a petition signed
Had a petition signed: Collected signatures on a document containing a formal request
Had a premonition
Had a premonition: Sensed what was to happen, was forewarned by some inner sense
Had a relationship
Had a relationship: Associated with, had an affair with, dated, was close to, was friendly with, was intimate with
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