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Had a windfall
Had a windfall: Obtained something without effort, had an unexpected piece of good fortune, received an unexpected gain
Had a word with
Had a word with: Conducted a brief conversation with, exchanged a few words with
Had achievements
Had achievements: Had accomplishments, had successes, had attainments
Had an abortion
Had an abortion: Underwent an abortion, ended a pregnancy, caused the premature birth of a fetus (before it was able to survive on its own)
Had an affair with
Had an affair with: Messed around with, was involved in a love affair with
Had an easy time
Had an easy time: Lived an easy life, didnt have to work hard to get what he wanted
Had an illumination
Had an illumination: Had a sudden revelation, suddenly understood
Had an impact
Had an impact: Had an effect, made a difference, made an impression
Had an itching palm
Had an itching palm: Was greedy, wanted something (especially money)
Had big dreams
Had big dreams: Had great ambition, had great aspirations, aimed high
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