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Had doubts about
Had doubts about: Possessed hesitation with regards to, his heart was not full with regards to
Had great success
Had great success: Was very successful, had a very favorable result
Had high hopes for him
Had high hopes for him: Expected much from him, expected him to succeed
Had his cake and ate it too
Had his cake and ate it too: Had his way, got everything he wanted
Had his head in the clouds
Had his head in the clouds: Was daydreaming, was not paying close attention
Had his say on the matter
Had his say on the matter: Said what he had to say about the issue, said his peace, spoke his mind
Had his share of suffering
Had his share of suffering: He endured a great deal throughout his life
Had his way
Had his way: Got what he wanted, obtained what he had requested
Had labor pains
Had labor pains: Experienced the pains of childbirth, went into labor
Had no answer
Had no answer: Did not have a solution, had nothing to say, was left speechless
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