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Had no clue
Had no clue: Had no idea, did not have an inkling, did not have a hint
Had no complaints
Had no complaints: Made no negative criticism, had no objections, made no grievances
Had no more strength
Had no more strength: Did not have any more power within him, could not muster any power
Had no way of knowing
Had no way of knowing: Could not have been aware of, could not have known
Had the benefit of the doubt
Had the benefit of the doubt: Was given the benefit of the doubt, people were not sure what to make of him
Had the best of both worlds
Had the best of both worlds: Had his cake and ate it too, got everything he wanted
Had the fire under control
Had the fire under control: Managed to put out the fire, got the matter under control
Had the shivers
Had the shivers: Began to shake (from cold, fright, shock, etc.)
Had the situation under control
Had the situation under control: Dealt with the situation well
Hadassah: Jewish womens organization hospital in Jerusalem female first name
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