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I am
I am: I exist, I live, I occupy a position, I exist in a particular condition
I am all ears
I am all ears: I am paying close attention, I am listening carefully
I am black but comely
I am black but comely: Phrase from "Song of Songs" which speaks of a dark and beautiful woman
I am heaps better
I am heaps better: I feel much better, My situation has much improved
I am no judge of that
I am no judge of that: I am not knowledgeable enough to give an opinion on that
I am not a lawyer
I am not a lawyer: I am not certified to provide legal advice or representation
I am not myself
I am not myself: I dont feel well, I am acting uncharacteristically
I am sick of it
I am sick of it: I cant take it anymore, I am tired of it, I have had enough
I am the best
I am the best: There is no one better than me, I am #1, I am better than everybody else
I am very hungry
I am very hungry: I really need to eat, I feel strong hunger pains
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