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Ice day
Ice day: (Meteorology) day on which the maximum temperature in an instrument shelter is not higher than the freezing point (0 Celsius, 32 Fahrenheit) and the layer of ic
Ice field
Ice field: Large sheet of ice which covers an area of land or water
Ice hockey
Ice hockey: Game played on ice-skates in which two teams try to drive a disk into the opponents net with hockey sticks
Ice pack
Ice pack: Large masses of ice floating together bag containing ice (for lowering a fever, reducing swelling, etc.)
Ice plant
Ice plant: A plant (Mesembryanthemum crystallinum), sprinkled with pellucid, watery vesicles, which glisten like ice. It is native along the Mediterranean, in the Canarie
Ice rink
Ice rink: Rink having an ice frozen floor for ice skating and ice hockey ice skating arena
Ice skates
Ice skates: Shoes equipped with metal runners that are used for gliding over frozen surfaces
Ice Skating
Ice T
Ice T: (born 1959 as Tracy Marrow) American film actor and rap musician
Ice tea
Ice tea: Drink made from water filtered through tea leaves and then chilled with ice
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