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I am warning you
I am warning you: I am telling you now so you will know, you have been warned (generally said in a threatening manner)
I beam pointer
I beam pointer: Text cursor, cursor shaped like the letter I which appears when one points to an area in which the text may be edited
I bet my head
I bet my head: I am absolutely certain, I am willing to bet anything
I cannot afford it
I cannot afford it: It is out of my budget, it is too expensive it is too difficult
I cannot believe my ears
I cannot believe my ears: I cannot believe that what Im hearing is true
I cant afford it
I cant afford it: It is out of my budget, it is too expensive it is too difficult
I cant tell the difference
I cant tell the difference: I cannot tell one from the other, I dont see a change
I care about you
I care about you: You are important to me, I have strong feelings for you
I certify herewith
I certify herewith: I hereby attest, I testify by this, I hereby guarantee
I Ching
I Ching: Ancient Chinese book containing symbols and text to be used in fortunetelling
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