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I couldnt care less
I couldnt care less: I really dont care, what do I care?!, I dont give a damn
I couldnt help hearing
I couldnt help hearing: I unintentionally overheard, I happened to hear
I do not wish to say
I do not wish to say: I do not want to tell I do not want to give the impression that
I dont feel up to it
I dont feel up to it: Im not in the mood, I dont feel like it, I dont have the energy (to do something)
I dont get you
I dont get you: I dont understand you, I cannot comprehend what you are saying
I dont know
I dont know: I am not sure of the answer, I have no knowledge of that
I dont know whether Im coming or going
I dont know whether Im coming or going: I have so many things to deal with and I cant decide what to do
I dont mind
I dont mind: It doesnt matter to me, I dont care, its okay with me, I have no objection
I dont understand
I dont understand: I dont grasp the meaning, I do not comprehend
I dont want anything to do with you
I dont want anything to do with you: I dont want to be in any way connected to you, I dont ever want to see you again
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