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I faith
I faith: . In faith indeed truly. Shak.
I give you my word
I give you my word: I swear to you, upon my life I promise you
I had better go
I had better go: I should leave now, it would be best if I left now
I had no thought
I had no thought: I had no intention, it had not occurred to me
I hate to trouble them but
I hate to trouble them but: I do not want to disturb or inconvenience them but
I Have A Dream
I Have A Dream: Famous speech on civil rights that was delivered in 1963 by Martin Luther King Jr.
I have had enough
I have had enough: That does it, thats enough already, I cant handle any more
I have had it
I have had it: I do not have a chance, I am finished I am angry, I am "fed up"
I have no idea
I have no idea: I have no inkling, I have no clue, I really dont know
I have no quarrel with him
I have no quarrel with him: I am not in conflict with him, I am not in disagreement with him
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