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I have not the slightest doubt
I have not the slightest doubt: I am absolutely certain, I have no question
I hereby solemnly declare
I hereby solemnly declare: I formally announce (used on formal occasions)
I like you
I like you: I enjoy your personality, you are nice I am romantically interested in you
I live in San Juan
I live in San Juan: I reside in San Juan, my home is in San Juan
I ll
I ll: . Contraction for I will or I shall. Ill by a sign give notice to our friends. Shak.
I Love Lucy
I Love Lucy: 1950s television sitcom starring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz
I love you
I love you: I am in love with you, I feel great affection for you, I am devoted to you
I miss you
I miss you: I wish you were here, I am longing to see you again
I O: Input/Output, data fed into a computer or received from the computer
I O activity
I O activity: Input/Output activity, activity in which the computer receives or sends out data
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