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I O address
I O address: Input/Output address, address in the memory which is used by input/output devices
I O device
I O device: Input/Output device, unit of hardware which transfers data to a computer or receives data from a computer
I O port
I O port: Input/Output port, channel for communication of the motherboard with the expansion devices
I O processor
I O processor: Unit of hardware which is responsible for the input and output activity of a computer
I O redirection
I O redirection: Routing of input/output, routing of information from one program to another or to a file instead of to the screen
I O system
I O system: Hardware which handles the transfer of information to and from the computer
I o u
I o u: A paper having on it these letters, with a sum named, and duly signed in use in England as an acknowledgment of a debt, and taken as evidence thereof, but not amou
I O unit
I O unit: External unit which performs input and output activity (Computers)
I owe you
I owe you: Note listing something owed from one person to another I am obligated to you, I am in debt to you
I promise you
I promise you: I make a promise to you, I make a commitment to you
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