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I quit
I quit: I give up, I am finished trying I am leaving this job, I no longer wish to work here
I regret to say
I regret to say: I am sorry to say, unfortunately I must say that -
I rest my case
I rest my case: (Law) said by one of the side of a legal case in order to indicate that he/she is finished presenting witnesses
I Seek You
I Seek You: I am looking for you, ICQ, program developed by an Israeli company that allows a user to check in real time if his friends are connected to the Internet and
I should not have
I should not have: It was not right that I did -, it would have been better if I did not -
I speak English
I speak English: I know English, I can have conversation in English, I am proficient in the English language
I take your word for it
I take your word for it: I accept what you are saying to me as the truth
I the undersigned
I the undersigned: I (as the one who is signing this document)
I think therefore I am
I think therefore I am: Since I can reason I know that I exist (statement made by the French philosopher Descartes)
I told you so
I told you so: I told you to believe me, I was right all along, I said from the beginning that (something) was so
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