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James Madison University
James Madison University: Public university located in Harrisonburg (Virginia, USA)
James Marshall
James Marshall: (1815-85) American pioneer who discovered gold in California thereby starting the gold rush
James Mason
James Mason: (1909-1984) British film and stage actor who acted in "Lolita" and "Odd Man Out"
James Meschter Anders
James Meschter Anders: (1854-1936) U.S. doctor (namesake for Anders disease)
James Newman
James Newman: (born 1956) United States astronaut (crew member on the space shuttle Endeavor)
James Stewart
James Stewart: (1908-1997) U.S. movie actor known as "Jimmy" Stewart
James Thurber
James Thurber: (1894-1961) United States cartoonist and humorist, wrote the well-known story "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty"
James Todd Smith
James Todd Smith: L L Cool J, Ladies Love Cool James (born 1968), American rap musician and film actor
James Trevor Oliver
James Trevor Oliver: Jamie Oliver (born 1975), British celebrity chef who has written cookbooks and has his own TV cooking shows (known as "The Naked Chef")
James Watson
James Watson: James Dewey Watson (born 1928) U.S. geneticist, winner of the 1962 Nobel Prize in Physiology for his discovery of the double helical structure of DNA (toge
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