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James Watt
James Watt: (1736-1819) Scottish engineer and inventor of the steam engine after whom electrical wattage is named
James Whistler
James Whistler: (1834-1903) American writer and artist, creator of the etchings "The Bridge" and "The Doorway", author of "The Gentle Art of Making Enemies"
James William Fulbright
James William Fulbright: William Fulbright (1905-1995), U.S. politician and senator (1945-1974), creator of grants that finance exchange programs of teachers and student
Jamesian: Of or pertaining to the author Henry James of or pertaining to William James or his philosophy
Jamesonite: Antimonial powder, first prepared by Dr. James, ar English physician called also fever powder.
Jamestown: First successful English settlement in North America (established in Virginia in 1607) name of a number of cities in the U.S.
Jamestown weed
Jamestown weed: The poisonous thorn apple or stramonium (Datura stramonium), a rank weed early noticed at Jamestown, Virginia. See Datura. Note: This name is often corrup
Jamie Lee Curtis
Jamie Lee Curtis: (born 1958) American film actress who starred in "A Fish Called Wanda"
Jamie Oliver
Jamie Oliver: James Trevor Oliver (born 1975), British celebrity chef who has written cookbooks and has his own TV cooking shows (known as "The Naked Chef")
Jammed: Wedged, pressed, packed, full, crowded, squeezed stuck, caught disrupted (as of a radio signal)
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