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Japan Cash Machine Co., Ltd.
Japan Cash Machine Co., Ltd.: Japanese company headquartered in Osaka (Japan), manufacturer of money processing terminals and equipment
Japan current
Japan current: A branch of the equatorial current of the Pacific, washing the eastern coast of Formosa and thence flowing northeastward past Japan and merging into the ea
Japan General Estate Co., Ltd.
Japan General Estate Co., Ltd.: Japanese real estate company engaged in the sale of houses and other real estate
Japan Pure Chemical Co., Ltd.
Japan Pure Chemical Co., Ltd.: Japanese company that develops and supplies chemical formulations for noble metal plating
Japan Tobacco Inc.
Japan Tobacco Inc.: JT, Japanese company manufacturer of tobacco and pharmaceuticals and foods
Japan Victor Company
Japan Victor Company: JVC, Victor Company of Japan, large international corporation headquartered in Yokohama (Japan), producer of audio and video electronic equipment a
Japanese: A native or inhabitant of Japan collectively, the people of Japan. sing. The language of the people of Japan.
Japanese bow
Japanese bow: Traditional bow of the Japanese people to show respect or to greet another
Japanese citizen
Japanese citizen: Citizen of Japan (island country off the eastern coast of Asia)
Japanese era name
Japanese era name: Nengo (year name), common calendar outline used in Japan to count years
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