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Japanese garden
Japanese garden: Decorative garden designed according to traditional Japanese style using rocks and sand and foliage plants having wooden bridges and garden paths
Japanese horseradish
Japanese horseradish: Wasabi, Japanese plant (of the watercress family) that has a thick green root green root of the wasabi plant Japanese condiment made from the spicy
Japanese Kabuki
Japanese Kabuki: Japanese folk theater in which all roles are played by male actors
Japanese Kimono
Japanese Kimono: Traditional Japanese garment worn by men and women
Japanese paper
Japanese paper: Paper containing high rag substance (used for engravings, woodcuts, etc.)
Japanimation: (combination of Japan and animation) kind of animation or cartoon created in Japan carrying robotic and futuristic topics in which the characters have a un
Japanize: Cause to adopt Japanese cultural characteristics, make Japanes become Japanese in characteristic or style
Japanned: Treated, or coated, with varnish in the Japanese manner. Japanned leather,leather treated with coatings of Japan varnish, and dried in a stove. Knight.
Japanner: One who varnishes in the manner of the Japanese, or one skilled in the art. A bootblack. [R.]
Japanning: The art or act of varnishing in the Japanese manner.
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