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Jack o lantern
Jack o lantern: Pumpkin whose top and stalk are cut out and the inner part removed and then the outer shell is carved in a decorative manner (usually it is illuminated f
Jack plug
Jack plug: Plug composed of a one shaft used to make a connection that transmits a signal
Jack Teagarden
Jack Teagarden: Weldon John Teagarden (1905-1964), U.S. jazz trombonist and singer
Jack the Ripper
Jack the Ripper: Serial murderer that terrorized London in the 1800s
Jack up
Jack up: Lift or raise by using a jack raise prices (as in: "I sold them the car for $1,500 and they jacked up the price to $2,500 when they sold it")
Jack Warner
Jack Warner: (1892-1978) Canadian born U.S. pioneer of the motion picture industry, co-founder of the Warner Brothers company (established jointly with his brothers) (18
Jack--lantern: One wearing a jack a horse soldier a retainer. See 3d Jack, n. Christie . . . the lairds chief jackman. Sir W. Scott. A cream cheese. [Obs.] Sir T. Elyot.
Jack-a-dandy: A little dandy a little, foppish, impertinent fellow.
Jack-a-lent: A small stuffed puppet to be pelted in Lent hence, a simple fellow.
Jack-o-lantern: The merganser.
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