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Karelia: Karelian Autonomous Republic, autonomous republic in European Russia and Finland located between Gulf of Finland and the White Sea
Karelian: Of or pertaining to Karelia, of or pertaining to the language of the Karelian
Karelian Autonomous Republic
Karelian Autonomous Republic: Karelia, autonomous republic in European Russia and Finland located between Gulf of Finland and the White Sea
Karen: Mongoloid people group living in Burma member of the Karen female first name
Karite butter
Karite butter: Shea butter, white fat extracted from the seeds of the shea tree used in the manufacture of soaps and candles
Karl Adolf von Basedow
Karl Adolf von Basedow: (1799-1854) German physician, thyroid disorder was named after him (Basedows disease)
Karl Friedrich Gauss
Karl Friedrich Gauss: (1777-1855) German mathematician and scientist, major contributor to number theory and electromagnetic theory
Karl Liebknecht
Karl Liebknecht: (1871-1919) German socialist and leader of the Spartacus party
Karl Linn
Karl Linn: Original name of Carolus Linnaeus (1707-1778), Swedish botanist and naturalist who founded the taxonomical biological system of classification
Karl Marx
Karl Marx: Founder of socialism, published the "Communist Manifesto" with Engels
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