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Lack for nothing
Lack for nothing: Have everything one needs, not lack anything
Lack of competence
Lack of competence: Incompetence, lack of ability absence of legal qualification
Lack of cooperation
Lack of cooperation: Absence of cooperation, lack of a desire to work together
Lack of coordination
Lack of coordination: Absence of coordination, inability to coordinate
Lack of funding
Lack of funding: Absence of funding, lack of financial backing
Lack of motherly love
Lack of motherly love: Absence of a mothers love during the stage when a child needs it most
Lack of quorum
Lack of quorum: Situation in which the minimum number of participants are not present
Lack of rain
Lack of rain: Drought, absence of rain, lack of liquid precipitation
Lackadaisical: Affectedly pensive languidly sentimental. Lack`a*dai"si*cal*ly, adv.
Lackadaisically: Listlessly, without energy without interest, in an apathetic manner lazily
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