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Labor: To work at to work to till to cultivate by toil. The most excellent lands are lying fallow, or only labored by children. W. Tooke. To form or fabricate with toil,
Labor and Social Affairs Ministry
Labor and Social Affairs Ministry: Government agency which handles labor issues and social welfare
Labor camp
Labor camp: Prison or penal colony where the prisoners have to do hard physical work camp for migratory farm workers
Labor day
Labor day: In most of the States and Territories of the United States, a day, usually the first Monday of September, set aside as a legal holiday, in honor of, or in the
Labor dispute
Labor dispute: Conflict between employer and employee, legal stage before a strike is declared
Labor efficiency
Labor efficiency: Level of effectivity of work, efficiency of work
Labor intensive
Labor intensive: Requires a lot of work, requires a lot on manpower, needs many workers
Labor mobility
Labor mobility: Ability to change a job role and/or the location of employment
Labor mobilization
Labor mobilization: Change of job roles and/or employment location
Labor movement
Labor movement: Movement of workers who seek to improve their situation through joint action (often through labor unions)of the land
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