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Labor pains
Labor pains: Pains of child-birth, sharp aches that accompany child-birth
Labor Party
Labor Party : British political party devoted to social reform and promoting labor interests
Labor Party conference
Labor Party conference: Meeting of members of the Labor Party for elections or making fundamental decisions
Labor principles
Labor principles: 39 types of work that are forbidden on the Sabbath (according to Jewish law)
Labor union
Labor union: Union of workers who have joined together to protect their rights
Labor-intensive industrial zone
Labor-intensive industrial zone: Area of accelerated industrial growth
Labor-saving: Saving labor adapted to supersede or diminish the labor of men as, laborsaving machinery.
Laborant: A chemist. [Obs.] Boyle.
Laboratory: The workroom of a chemist also, a place devoted to experiments in any branch of natural science as, a chemical, physical, or biological laboratory. Hence, by
Laboratory animals
Laboratory animals: Animals that are used in experiments in laboratories
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