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Machinate: To contrive, as a plot to plot as, to machinate evil.
Machination: The act of machinating. Shak. That which is devised a device a hostile or treacherous scheme an artful design or plot. Devilish machinations come to naught.
Machinator: One who machinates, or forms a scheme with evil designs a plotter or artful schemer. Glanvill. Sir W. Scott.
Machine: To subject to the action of machinery to effect by aid of machinery to print with a printing machine.
Machine dependent
Machine dependent: Program which can only run on one type of computer
Machine Gun Kelly
Machine Gun Kelly: George Kelly Barnes (1895-1954), legendary American outlaw from the 1920s (dealt in bootlegged liquor, bank robberies, kidnapping, and more)
Machine independent
Machine independent: Program which can run on several types of computers
Machine translation
Machine translation: MT, translation of text from one language to another performed by a computer
Machine type
Machine type: Kind of machine, model of a particular appliance
Machine word
Machine word: Basic unit of data size a computer (usually 2 bytes)
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