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Made a fool of himself
Made a fool of himself: Made himself out to be an idiot, made a laughingstock out of himself, made himself despised
Made a fresh start
Made a fresh start: Opened a new page, turned a new leaf, started all over again
Made a fuss
Made a fuss: Made a scene, made a big deal out of something danced in a circle around, skipped around
Made a good bargain
Made a good bargain: Made a good business deal, got the most for his money
Made a large donation
Made a large donation: Donated a lot of money or goods, gave a generous donation
Made a living
Made a living: Found his source of subsistence, earned his wages, earned a living
Made a lot of money
Made a lot of money: Earned a lot of money, became very wealthy
Made a mountain out of a molehill
Made a mountain out of a molehill: Made a big deal out of nothing, was afraid for no reason
Made a name for himself
Made a name for himself: Became infamous, his name goes before him
Made a phone call
Made a phone call: Got in touch with, contacted by phone, called up, telephoned
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