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Made a pig of himself
Made a pig of himself: Acted like a pig, ate like a pig, ate voraciously
Made a public announcement
Made a public announcement: Made an announcement to the general public
Made a revolution
Made a revolution: Started a revolution made a complete turn
Made a scandal
Made a scandal: Created a public outrage, committed outrageous acts
Made a show of force
Made a show of force: Flexed his muscles, tried to make a display of power
Made a slip of the tongue
Made a slip of the tongue: Blurted something out carelessly, said the wrong thing
Made a to-do
Made a to-do: Made a big deal out of something, exaggerated the importance of something
Made a wrong estimate
Made a wrong estimate: Guessed incorrectly, approximated wrong, made an error in assessment
Made an appearance
Made an appearance: Appeared, came into view, demonstrated ones presence
Made an attempt on his life
Made an attempt on his life: Tried to assassinate him, tried to murder him
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