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Made an honest living
Made an honest living: Earned his money in a respectful manner
Made an Identikit
Made an Identikit: Assembled a set of various facial characteristics and facial parts (used by police to create composite pictures of suspects)
Made an omelette without breaking eggs
Made an omelette without breaking eggs: Had his cake and ate it too, achieved two opposite goals
Made arrangements
Made arrangements: Made preparations, organized things, planned
Made empty promises
Made empty promises: Promised things that will never be fulfilled
Made ends meet
Made ends meet: Was able to support oneself financially on ones salary
Made faces
Made faces: Made facial expressions, moved his face to create different appearances
Made friends
Made friends: Became friendly with, became connected with, allied oneself with, acquired friends
Made him a proposal
Made him a proposal: Made him an offer, suggested something to him
Made him allowances
Made him allowances: Made waivers for him, gave up things for him
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