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Mach meter
Mach meter: Device measuring speeds above the speed of sound (named after the Austrian physicist Ernst Mach)
Mach number
Mach number: Number which shows the speed of an object in relation to the speed of sound
Machaerodus machairodus
Machaerodus machairodus: A genus of extinct mammals allied to the cats, and having in the upper jaw canine teeth of remarkable size and strength hence called saber-toothe
Machair: Side of a sand dune protected from the wind and covered in grass (especially pertaining to the coasts of the Hebridean islands of north-west Scotland)
Machal: Overseas volunteers, organization of young Jews from overseas that helped the Israeli Defense Forces during the War of Independence
Machan: Family name Tibor Machan (born 1939), Hungarian-born philosopher and published author of books on classical liberalism and libertarianism, professor at Chapman U
Mache: Plant of the genus Valerianella having edible leaves that are sometimes used in salad, corn salad
Machete: A large heavy knife resembling a broadsword, often two or three feet in length, used by the inhabitants of Spanish America as a hatchet to cut their way through
Machiavelian: One who adopts the principles of Machiavel a cunning and unprincipled politician.
Machiavelism machiavelianism
Machiavelism machiavelianism: The supposed principles of Machiavel, or practice in conformity to them political artifice, intended to favor arbitrary power.
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