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Naiad: Water nymph (Greek Mythology) dragonfly larva (Zoology) expert female swimmer plant that grows under the water (Botany)
Naiant: (Her.) See Natant. Crabb.
Naid: Having a true natural luster without being cut applied by jewelers to a precious stone. Na?ve as, a na?f remark. London Spectator.
Naif Hawatme
Naif Hawatme: Leader of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (Islamic terror organization)
Naik: A chief a leader a Sepoy corporal. Balfour (Cyc. of India).
Nail: To fasten with a nail or nails to close up or secure by means of nails as, to nail boards to the beams. He is now dead, and nailed in his chest. Chaucer. To stud or
Nail bed
Nail bed: Base of the fingernail bed made of nails with the pointed ends facing upward (used by Hindu Fakirs)
Nail enamel
Nail enamel: Nail polish, cosmetic item composed of colored lacquer that is applied to the fingernails or toenails
Nail file
Nail file: Small flat pointed file used for shaping and smoothing fingernails
Nail gun
Nail gun: Power tool device that "shoots" nails into wood or other material
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