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Object clause
Object clause: Dependent clause used at the subject of the main clause (Syntax)
Object distance
Object distance: Distance of an object from an optical device (such as a lens, camera, etc.)
Object glass
Object glass: First lens that receives the image of an object (in a microscope, etc.)
Object language
Object language: Target language, language into which another language is to be translated language that a nonnative person is in the course of learning (Computer Scienc
Object lens
Object lens: First lens that receives the image of an object (in a microscope, etc.)
Object lesson
Object lesson: Practical example instructive example
Object Linking and Embedding
Object Linking and Embedding: Standard of Microsoft used in graphical operating systems for sharing information between applications, OLE
Object Management Group
Object Management Group: (Internet) consortium of software vendors that promotes the use of Object-Oriented software in applications
Object of his love
Object of his love: Recipient of his love and attention, his beloved
Object oriented
Object oriented: Operated or divided into objects and entities
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