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Observant: One who observes forms and rules. [Obs.] Hooker. A sycophantic servant. [Obs.] Silly ducking observants, That stretch their duties nicely. Shak. (R.C.Ch.) An O
Observant family
Observant family: Traditional Jewish family, family that follows Jewish law
Observantine: One of a branch of the Order of Franciscans, who profess to adhere more strictly than the Conventuals to the intention of the founder, especially as to pove
Observantly: In an observant manner.
Observation: The act or the faculty of observing or taking notice the act of seeing, or of fixing the mind upon, anything. My observation, which very seldom lies. Shak. T
Observation balloon
Observation balloon: Ballon used for recording facts (mainly for research about weather conditions)
Observation car
Observation car: A railway passenger car made so as to facilitate seeing the scenery en route a car open, or with glass sides, or with a kind of open balcony at the rear.
Observation officer
Observation officer: Military officer which observes enemy activity
Observation point
Observation point: Very high point from which one can survey the entire area, point from which a view can be clearly seen (as in a national park) place at which a certai
Observation post
Observation post: Observation point, very high point from which one can survey the entire area
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