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Pack of lies
Pack of lies: Bunch of lies, whole lot of lies, total nonsense
Pack of thieves
Pack of thieves: Gang of robbers, group of burglars, group of thieves
Pack rat
Pack rat: Type of large mouse in North America that collects and hides things in its den nickname for a person who collects useless objects
Pack saddle pack thread
Pack saddle pack thread: See under 2d Pack.
Package: Act or process of packing. A bundle made up for transportation a packet a bale a parcel 6. as, a package of goods. 7. A charge made for packing goods. 8. A dut
Package deal
Package deal: Combined deal, binding of several factors together agreement between the government and the representatives of the employers and employees
Package insert
Package insert: Piece of paper with dosage instructions that is included in a box of prescription medicine
Package program
Package program: Program which comes in a bundle with other programs
Package tour
Package tour: Organized tour that includes accommodations and transportation and is sold as one unit
Packaged: Wrapped boxed packed for storage or transport having attractive packaging
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