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Packet switching
Packet switching: Communications network which divides transmissions into "packets" of information and send each "packet" separately over an open channel
Packet switching network
Packet switching network: Wide area network in which the transferred information is divided into segments which are sent separately with the attachment of the destinatio
Packet-switched network
Packet-switched network: Network that establishes temporary connection between two or more points in order to transmit data packets (Telecommunications)
Packetise: (Computers) separate or divide data into units in order to transmit in a packet-switching network (also packetize)
Packetize: (Computers) separate or divide data into units in order to transmit in a packet-switching network (also packetise)
Packfong: A Chinese alloy of nickel, zinc, and copper, resembling German silver.
Packhouse: Warehouse for storing goods.
Packing: The act or process of one who packs. Any material used to pack, fill up, or make close. Specifically (Mach.): A substance or piece used to make a joint imperviou
Packing house
Packing house: Place where produce is prepared and packed for sale
Packing slip
Packing slip: Receipt that is enclosed with a shipment (usually lists the contents of the shipment, payment information, addressor and addressee, etc.)
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