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Paid: Receiving pay compensated hired as, a paid attorney. Satisfied 6. contented. [Obs.] "Paid of his poverty." Chaucer.
Paid a heavy price
Paid a heavy price: Was greatly punished, got what he deserved
Paid a high price
Paid a high price: Paid dearly, punished far beyond what he deserved
Paid alimony
Paid alimony: Paid the court-ordered monthly allowance to a former spouse
Paid an old debt
Paid an old debt: Paid what he owed, settled his debt, paid his due
Paid capital stock
Paid capital stock: Total face value of stocks for which a company was paid
Paid cash
Paid cash: Paid with coins and bills at the time of purchase paid immediately without credit
Paid dearly
Paid dearly: Paid a heavy price was greatly punished suffered great consequences
Paid for
Paid for: Paid in full, requires no further payment gave the money owed for was penalized for, served the punishment for
Paid for what he did
Paid for what he did: Got punished for his crimes, was forced to suffer because of what he did, was forced to pay the consequences for his actions
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