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Paid him a visit
Paid him a visit: Honored him with a visitation, dropped by his place
Paid him back
Paid him back: Returned the money he owed him replied to him, gave back to him, dished it back at him rewarded him
Paid off
Paid off: Completely paid, settled (of a debt, bill, etc.) bribed, given money to be silent or stay out of the way
Paid under protest
Paid under protest: Paid while declaring that he did not know about the existence of the debt
Paid with his life
Paid with his life: Died due to he did or a cause he was involved in
Paid-up share capital
Paid-up share capital: Total face value of shares that a company has paid for
Paideia: Education which has as an objective to form a knowledgeable and mature mind
Paideutics: The science or art of teaching.
Paien: Pagan. [Obs.] Chaucer.
Paigle: A species of Primula, either the cowslip or the primrose. [Written also pagle, pagil, peagle, and pygil.]
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