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Quantum mechanics
Quantum mechanics: Branch of physics dealing with the descripiton of behavior of subatomic particles in terms of quanta
Quantum number
Quantum number: Integer or half-integer that describe the level of energy of particles according to the quantum theory
Quantum theory
Quantum theory: Basic modern theory of physics that energy is transferred in pulsations
Quap: To quaver. [Obs.] See Quob.
Quaquaversal: Turning or dipping in any or every direction. (Geol.) Dipping toward all points of the compass round a center, as beds of lava round a crater.
Quar: A quarry. [Prov. Eng.] B. Jonson.
Quarantine: To compel to remain at a distance, or in a given place, without intercourse, when suspected of having contagious disease to put under, or in, quarantine.
Quarantine flag
Quarantine flag: Yellow flag flown by itself by a ship requesting pratique on entering a harbor to indicate that the ship has no disease on board flag flown by a ship wi
Quarantine period
Quarantine period: Period of isolation, isolation period, time during which an infected person or an infected region is kept isolated
Quarantine station
Quarantine station: Place where someone or something is held in isolation until it is certain they carry no diseases or other contaminants
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