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Rack and ruin
Rack and ruin: Ruins, debris complete destruction
Rack off
Rack off: (Offensive Australian Slang) go away!, get out of here!, get lost!
Rack ones brains
Rack ones brains: Think really hard, try very hard to remember something
Rack rate
Rack rate: Run of the house, full price that a hotel charges for a room prior to giving any discount
Rack rent
Rack rent: Demand excessively high rent subject to rack rent
Rack-rent: An arm attached to a swinging notched arc or rack, to let off the striking mechanism of a repeating clock.
Rack-renter: Person who demands rack rent, one who exacts excessively high rent person who is subject to rack rent
Rackabones: A very lean animal, esp. a horse. [Colloq. U. S.]
Rackarock: One who racks. A horse that has a racking gait.
Racked his brains
Racked his brains: Thought really hard, tried very hard to remember something, he strained to solve some problem
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