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Rad: imp. & p. p. of Read, Rede. Spenser.
Rad group
Rad group: Group of independent high-tech companies working in the fields of computer communications and telecommunications
Radar: System for locating objects by sending radio waves and recording their echoes
Radar Absorbent Material
Radar Absorbent Material: RAM, material that changes radar waves into small electromagnetic fields and reduces the radar image
Radar camouflage
Radar camouflage: Covering for a combat vehicle or weapon that makes it undetectable by radar
Radar control
Radar control: Monitoring flight patterns by radar, monitoring of rockets and other weaponry by means of radar
Radar Cross Section
Radar Cross Section: RCS, unique "signature" of an object created by the radar waves reflected from the object to the antenna (influenced by the shape of the object and
Radar Intercept Officer
Radar Intercept Officer: RIO, officer that operates radar detectors in American Air Force planes (sits in the rear of the plane)
Radar reconnaissance
Radar reconnaissance: Patrol using radar in order to collect intelligence on enemy activity and terrain conditions
Radar screen
Radar screen: Screen which displays information gathered by radar
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