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Radio program
Radio program: Program of music and discussion broadcast over the radio
Radio receiver
Radio receiver: Device that changes electrical waves into sound
Radio reporter
Radio reporter: Reporter who prepares investigatory reports and articles for radio broadcast
Radio set
Radio set: Radio instrument which transmits sound or signals without wires
Radio Shack
Radio Shack: Large chain of stores in the United States that sells electronic appliances
Radio silence
Radio silence: State in which no one is broadcasting (usually to protect field security)
Radio star
Radio star: (Astronomy) astronomical object that emits large amounts of radiation and radio waves (such as quasar)
Radio taxi
Radio taxi: Taxi having a 2-way radio communication with a dispatcher who sends it directly to people who called for a taxi
Radio telephone procedure
Radio telephone procedure: Procedure of wireless communication
Radio waves
Radio waves: Electromagnetic waves which transmit sounds or signals through space without wires to a receiving set
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