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Rabbinical religious authority
Rabbinical religious authority: Group that makes rulings according to Jewish religious law
Rabbinically: In a rabbinical manner after the manner of the rabbins.
Rabbinism: A rabbinic expression or phraseology a peculiarity of the language of the rabbins. The teachings and traditions of the rabbins.
Rabbinist: One among the Jews who adhered to the Talmud and the traditions of the rabbins, in opposition to the Karaites, who rejected the traditions.
Rabbinite: Same as Rabbinist.
Rabbit: Soft-furred animal with long ears and long hind legs, any of several small species from the family Leporidae fur of a rabbit meat of any of the different rabbits
Rabbit breeding
Rabbit breeding: Rabbit farming, raising and mating of rabbits to produce offspring (for sale, meat, etc.)
Rabbit ears
Rabbit ears: (Slang) indoor antenna for television that has two adjustable arms
Rabbit fever
Rabbit fever: Tularemia, deer fly fever, bacterial disease in animals which can be transmitted to humans by insects or by handling infected animals (symptoms include fev
Rabbit-eared bandicoot
Rabbit-eared bandicoot: Type of small bandicoot (with large ears, pointed nose and a long furry tail) native to Australia and New Guinea, bilby
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