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Saengerfest: A festival of singers a German singing festival.
Safari: Expedition for hunting or exploration people participating in a hunting or exploratory expedition equipment needed for a hunting or exploratory expedition long j
Safari hat
Safari hat: Stetson, hat which protects against the tropical sun
Safari in Kenya
Safari in Kenya: Journey or hunting expedition in Kenya (country on the eastern coast of Africa)
Safavid dynasty
Safavid dynasty: Persian dynasty which was at first part of a Turkic nomadic group that ruled from 1500 to 1722 and set up the Shiite sect of Islam as the state religion
Safe: To render safe to make right. [Obs.] Shak.
Safe as the Bank of England
Safe as the Bank of England: One hundred percent safe, extremely secure
Safe bet
Safe bet: Bet that does not cause great risk, bet whose results are known ahead of time
Safe format
Safe format: Erasing of data on a diskette so that will be possible to recover the data in most circumstances
Safe investment
Safe investment: Secure investment, investment that has no risk of loss
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