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Safety bicycle
Safety bicycle: A bicycle with equal or nearly equal wheels, usually 28 inches diameter, driven by pedals connected to the rear (driving) wheel by a multiplying gear.
Safety chain
Safety chain: The safflower. [Obs.]
Safety curtain
Safety curtain: Theater fire resistant curtain that can be dropped in the event of fire
Safety distance
Safety distance: Required distance from the car in front in order to protect oneself in the event of sudden braking
Safety equipment
Safety equipment: Collection of equipment used to maintain safety and in rescue missions
Safety factor
Safety factor: Considering several different elements in a calculation to be sure of making the proper decision
Safety goggles
Safety goggles: Glasses with specially sealed lenses so as to protect the eyes
Safety island
Safety island: Safe area on road that provides pedestrian safety
Safety limit
Safety limit: Condition or given fact which should not be exceeded in order not to risk a persons safety
Safety lock
Safety lock: Lock which secures and prevents accidental opening or usage
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