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Safety measures
Safety measures: Precautionary measures, procedures whose goal it is to guard ones safety
Safety net
Safety net: Security net that which provides security, back-up plan, supportive person or situation
Safety nut
Safety nut: Extra nut screwed down on a main nut to prevent it from becoming loose
Safety pin
Safety pin: Pin that bends backward on itself and is fastened by placing the pointed end into a guard
Safety razor
Safety razor: Device used for shaving in which the blade is partially covered to protect the user from accidentally cutting himself
Safety regulations
Safety regulations: Rules for safety, rules that must be kept to maintain security
Safety rules
Safety rules: Rules of behavior that are intended to protect the lives of the public
Safety strap
Safety strap: Safety belt, strap that holds things securely in place
Safety valve
Safety valve: Special plug that is connected to a machine or tool and is used to block an opening
Safety zone
Safety zone: Safety island, safe area on road that provides pedestrian safety
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