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Tactical: Of or pertaining to tactics of or pertaining military tactics skilled in developing methods to attain goals
Tactical Fighter Squadron
Tactical Fighter Squadron: TFS, combat squadron designed to function as a independent and self-contained unit
Tactical headquarters
Tactical headquarters: Location where decisions are made about battle strategy
Tactical movement
Tactical movement: Movement of military forces in combat formation in the event that they will meet up with enemy forces
Tactical target
Tactical target: Target that is selected as a result of large-scale strategic considerations
Tactical vehicle
Tactical vehicle: Transportation vehicle that is used for operational purposes
One versed in tactics hence, a skillful maneuverer an adroit manager. Tactician: Expert in combat tactics, expert in the art of planning short-term military strategies
The science and art of disposing military and naval forces in order for battle, and performing military and naval evolutions. It is divided into grand tactics, or the ta
Of or pertaining to the organs, or the sense, of touch perceiving, or perceptible, by the touch capable of being touched as, tactile corpuscles tactile sensations. "Tact
Tactility: The quality or state of being tactile perceptibility by touch tangibleness.
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