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Tahsildar: Tax collector in India, official responsible for taxation and revenues
A member of one of the tribes of the Tai stock. The Tais first appeared in history in Yunnan, and from thence they migrated into Upper Burma. The earliest swarms appear
Taian: One of the 6 days of the rokuyo Japanese calendar which significance means "luckiest day, day of great peace" (good day for trips and ceremonies such as weddings
Taig: (offensive term used in Northern Ireland) Protestant name for a Catholic
Taiga: Subarctic forest of evergreen trees (found in North America, Europe, and Asia)
(Arch.) To hold by the end said of a timber when it rests upon a wall or other support with in or into. (Naut.) To swing with the stern in a certain direction said of a
Tail away
Tail away: Tail off, diminish gradually, wane, subside gradually, fade
Tail fin
Tail fin: Fin attached to the fishs tail decorative protrusion resembling a fin on a cars rear fender stabilizer being a part of the upright tail structure of a plane
Tail of an aircraft
Tail of an aircraft : Rear part of an airplane, back of an airplane
Tail off
Tail off: Tail away, diminish gradually, wane, subside gradually, fade
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