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Take a back seat
Take a back seat: Abstain from being in a chief position, permit oneself to be a secondary factor
Take a bath
Take a bath: Bathe, wash oneself in the bath (Slang) suffer a financial loss
Take a bow
Take a bow: Make a gesture of bending over (for respect, appreciation, etc.)
Take a breath
Take a breath: Breathe, respire, draw air into the lungs and expel it out of the lungs
Take a bribe
Take a bribe: Accept money that is meant to influence a decision or an opinion
Take a chance
Take a chance: Endanger oneself take a risk take advantage of an opportunity that is potentially risky
Take a crack at
Take a crack at: Take a risk, attempt something which can be dangerous
Take a deep breath
Take a deep breath: Breath in deeply, count to ten, calm yourself down
Take a dim view of
Take a dim view of: Have reservations about -, have disfavor for -
Take a load off ones mind
Take a load off ones mind: Rid oneself of worry, ease ones concern
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