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Of or pertaining to tabes of the nature of tabes affected with tabes tabid. n. One affected with tabes. Tabetic: Of or pertaining to tabes, affected with tabes (Medici
Tabid: Affected by tabes tabetic. In tabid persons, milk is the bset restorative. Arbuthnot. Tab"id*ly, adv. Tab"id*ness, n.
Tabific tabifical
Tabific tabifical: Producing tabes wasting tabefying.
Tabinet: See Tabbinet. Thackeray.
Tabla: Percussion instrument composed of small hand drums fixed together (used in India for playing music)
(Paint.) A painting on a wall or ceiling a single piece comprehended in one view, and formed according to one design hence, a picture in general. Shaftesbury. (Mus.) An
To live at the table of another to board to eat. [Obs.] "He . . . was driven from the society of men to table with the beasts." South. To form into a table or catalogue
Table a motion
Table a motion: Lay aside a proposal for future debate, postpone a proposal until the future
Table dhote
A common table for guests at a hotel an ordinary. Table dhote: (French) meaning "table of the host" meal option that offers full meal with limited choice of food for a
Table dhote meal
Table dhote meal: Meal option that offers full meal with limited choice of food for a fixed price
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