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Table lamp
Table lamp: Special type of light which stands on a table top and is intended to keep the working area lit
Table mat
Table mat: Mat used to placed under hot dishes to protect the table from heat or wetness
Table of conjugations
Table of conjugations: Table that shows the different forms of verbs in different tenses and persons (singular, plural, etc.)
Table rapping
Table rapping: Form of seance through which it is believed that communication is carried out with the spirits of the dead
Table Tennis
Table wine
Table wine: Regular wine, wine that is served at the dinner table
Table work
Table work: Typesetting of tabular nmatter, or the type matter set in tabular form.
Table-hop: Hop and go around from table to table and greet friends in a sociable way
Table-hopper: Person who hops and goes around from table to table and greet sfriends in a sociable way
Table-land: A broad, level, elevated area of land a plateau. The toppling crags of Duty scaled, Are close upon the shining table- lands To which our God himself is moon a
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