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U bolt
U bolt: Iron bar shaped liked the letter U fitted with a nut and bolt at each end
U Conn
U Conn: Public university located in Storrs (Connecticut, USA)
U Mass
U Mass: Large public university system in Massachusetts (USA) with its main campus in Amherst and 4 satellite campuses throughout the state
U-shaped: Having the form of the letter U specif. (Phys. Geog.), of valleys, resembling a broad U in cross profile.
U.S. English
U.S. English: American English, United States English, form of the English language which is used in the United States (as opposed to British English)
U.S. Open
U.S. Open: United States Open, 4th and final event of the Grand Slam tennis tournaments
U3: Small portable USB drive developed so that applications can be performed directly from a specially designed USB flash drive without leaving a bit of data on the host
UAE: Independent federation consisting of seven Arab emirates located on the south coast of the Persian Gulf and having as its capital the city of Abu Dhabi
Uakari: Same as Ouakari.
UAR: Former republic (1958-1961) in northeast Africa representing the union of Egypt and Syria Egypts official name during the years 1961-1971
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