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Umteen: Numerous, excessively numerous to be counted, innumerable, many
UN: International organization founded in 1945 to promote peace security and international cooperation and promote humanitarianism (has its headquarters in New York City
UN council
UN council: General meeting of the United Nations, council of representatives of the different countries who are members of the United Nations
UN forces
UN forces: Military and peacekeeping forces of the United Nations
UN High Commissioner for Refugees
UN High Commissioner for Refugees: United Nations official in charge of refugee matters
UN observers
UN observers: Individuals working for the United Nations to oversee UN involvement in international matters
UN resolution
UN resolution: United Nations resolution, resolution formally adopted by a United Nations body
UN Resolution 1559
UN Resolution 1559: UN Security Council Resolution 1559, resolution adopted by the Security Council on September 2nd 2004 which stated to free Lebanon from the Syrian oc
UN Resolution 1701
UN Resolution 1701 : UN Security Council Resolution 1701, resolution adopted by the Security Council on August 11th 2006 that called for the immediate cessation of hosti
UN Security Council Resolution 1559
UN Security Council Resolution 1559: UN resolution adopted by the Security Council on September 2nd 2004 which stated to free Lebanon from the Syrian occupation and with
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